Technical Services

Studying, Investigating, Animating, and Modeling Failure.

Things fall apart. Buildings catch on fire. Systems fail. Circuits corrode.

We figure out why.


Niels Bohr, the Nobel Prize winning Physicist wrote that "An expert is someone who knows the worst mistakes which can be made in a very narrow field".  After 30 years, we've seen them all.  Our Technical Services group studies the engineering failures of others with a diverse set of professional skills and expertise. Here's how:


Fire Investigation / Origin & Cause 

Hamilton&Associates has performed Fire Origin & Cause Investigations and Forensic Analysis for over 25 years. Our staff includes Fire Investigators, Code Experts and engineers who perform fire-related inspections and evaluations, failure analysis, code compliance analysis, forensic engineering, accident reconstruction and product liability.


Failure Analysis 

Hamilton&Associates offers substantial experience in the area of failure analysis. The scientific method is used to guide our analysis –a methodology that is well-respected for use if matters go to trial.



Hamilton&Associates develop real-time computer animations to illustrate how events occur in their sophisticated complexity. A Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) is used when compiling a model representing a condition or situation with fire.


Modeling: Replicating Accident Sites

Physical models offer the opportunity to focus attention on the precise details. The realistic reconstruction is a tool to better understand, visualize and analyze a scenario of complexity and precision.


Laboratory Services

Hamilton&Associates has just completed expanding our third party laboratory inspection facility. Our convenient North Austin facility offers 1000 square feet of climate controlled space. We offer state of the art equipment with capabilities that include:

_In house real time x-ray cabinet

_5mb digital and optical microscopes

_Co-focal processing of digital images

_Oscilloscopes (handheld and bench)

_Computer controlled industrial oven and tube furnace

_Metering including computer data acquisition tools

_Full video capabilities

_Wireless internet

_Tables offering generous counter space

_Restroom with shower, immediately adjacent to lab

_Conference room


Aquatic Performance Analysis

Hamilton&Associates has consulted with owners, contractors, architects and engineers regarding proper electrical design and performance of aquatic facilities. We perform in-depth evaluations and troubleshooting for fixture corrosion problems, code compliance, bonding, grounding and safety/stray currents throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.